Review of System Groups

The form 'rosg' is a quick doctor friendly addition to the 'ros' form in openEmr 4.1.
Twelve traditional system groups come up marked as normal.

If a system has not been reviewed, mark it (.)N/A
as shown in the screen shot for Normal Psychiatric.
If a group has an abnormal finding, mark it (.)NO
as is shown for HEENT. The abnormal response is
marked below as in this case (.)Double Vision.

To test, place the 'rosg' folder in /interface/forms/ and active with
Administrator --> Other --> Forms Register --> DB install --> enable

To keep your ROS data consider adding 12 fields to form_ros after date:
normal_health normal_heent normal_neck normal_breast
normal_respiratory normal_cardiovascular normal_gastrointestinal normal_genitourinary
normal_musculoskeletal normal_neurologic normal_skin normal_psychiatric

Caution: Consult an experienced programmer before making any changes to you system.

I type ROS in Administrator --> Other --> Forms Category for a
ROS tab with Review of Systems Checks and for Review of Systems Groups.

Encounter view with ROS selected
Initial view with default checks
Heent NO, Psychiatric N/A, Double Vision YES
Encounter view of results
Printed report view